Every business has a brand. The question is, are you controlling your brand narrative and presenting it in the best way possible? The brand for your home remodeling or design business is one of the first things potential new clients see. It instantly determines what they think about you. Think of your brand as your home. It should reflect who you are, be designed with thought and craftsmanship, and be built to last, perhaps not forever, but at least long enough to be competitive in your market for many years to come. 

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Whether you already have an existing brand, lack one altogether, or have a brand that no longer reflects the direction your home remodeling business is going, Bellrae Marketing can help add clarity to your brand strategy development process. After working for over a decade with design build businesses in all stages of branding, we’ve compiled a list of five signs it might be time for a brand refresh for your home improvement business. 

You might need a rebrand if…

Your Branding is Not Attracting Your Target Audience

The first sign that your brand is no longer working for you is when you’re getting inquiries that are not your ideal audience. This indicates that your branding doesn’t match the experience you are now providing or the services you offer. This can happen if, for example, you first launched your business as a one-stop-shop general contractor that did all kinds of jobs from small to large. Perhaps your average job size was $10,000, but now you’re focusing on larger jobs and prioritizing quality over quantity. Your business model has changed and you’ve grown substantially, but the way you are presenting yourself in your marketing materials doesn’t match where you currently are as a business. You are still attracting the audience you did as a smaller, general contractor. If your logo design and brand identity don’t look as high-end as the luxury design capabilities you offer, your target audience will jump ship and go to a competitor who does. 

Your Logo Design is Outdated

Another sign it might be time for a rebrand is if your logo and branding are outdated. Brands and websites don’t last forever. It is painfully obvious to see when a website and logo were created ten or more years ago. While longevity is a virtue in the home remodeling business, having an outdated brand identity, logo design, and website will lose you jobs to new competitors with more modern, attractive, and easy-to-navigate designs. If you’re looking to attract homeowners who want to dedicate significant time and money into updating and modernizing their home, you should consider how modern and updated your own identity looks online.  

There are Multiple Versions of Logo Design Across Marketing Materials

A rebrand is also definitely necessary if you have multiple versions of a logo and inconsistent color schemes across different marketing materials. You might have tried to update the logo yourself once or twice and now there are several marketing materials, yard signs, uniforms, truck wraps, and more with different logos. This is very confusing to your audience and may come across as unorganized, which is not a quality trait homeowners find appealing when choosing the ideal contractor for their home remodel. 

Your DIY Logo No Longer Reflects Your Brand

If you launched your business with a “do it yourself” logo under the impression that you would eventually get around to polishing the look, now is the time! When you launched your business, you were excited to get started and hit the ground running. As your company evolves, it’s time for a professional logo design. 

Your Logo Design Was an Afterthought

Finally, you may be a business owner who has put a lot of effort into your marketing. New website? Check. Updated yard signs? Check. New uniforms? Check. You’ve updated everything else, but somehow you’ve left your logo behind. Now, it’s sticking out like a sore thumb. We always recommend developing a marketing and branding strategy that aligns with your business goals before executing any of the tactics. Once you have a marketing and branding plan, your logo, color palette, and typography are developed, then you can build a new website, order those yard signs, develop brochures, business cards, and more. You should proceed in that order to create a consistent look across all mediums that is aligned with your business goals and target audience. Your logo should not be an afterthought. It is the visual equivalent of a commercial jingle. You want your potential customers to remember it and remember you, but you also want it to accurately represent who you are creatively and professionally. 

Rebrand with Intentionality 

At Bellrae Marketing, we approach branding with intentionality. We know how important it is that your brand attracts leads within your ideal demographic. We also know how important it is that you stay competitive. With more and more general contractors and design build firms popping up all over the country, it’s vital that you continue to evolve, not only your services and experience, but also your look. Proper branding conveys so much to a potential client. If your business lacks a cohesive brand identity it can be very confusing for your audience. 

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Turn to Bellrae Marketing for the Right Kind of Branding Expertise

Bellrae Marketing is a turn-key marketing company specializing in the home improvement industry. For well over a decade, we have helped general contractors, design build firms, and designers increase high-quality leads and grow revenue in a way that is authentic, organic, and relationship-based. We don’t offer a quick fix solution. We focus on marketing that builds meaningful connections through content that prioritizes the customer experience. Outshine your competition with a brand that attracts and converts your target audience. Contact Bellrae Marketing to get started on a rebrand today. 

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