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Branding Services

A cohesive look and feel is vital to the success of your business. When a business lacks a branding strategy it can be very confusing for your audience. Outshine your competition with a brand that attracts and converts your target audience.

  • Logo, color palette, and typography development
  • Graphic design
  • Brand strategy development
  • Brand photography
  • Brochures, business cards, yard signs, flyers, and more


Who is this for?

This service is ideal for businesses that do not yet have a cohesive vision for how they present themselves to their customers or for those businesses whose look is dated and needs a refresh.

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Branding Samples

  • Devil's Lettuce: A Vegan Joint

    Chef Janice came to Bellrae Marketing with a dream. She wanted to follow her passion and open a vegan eatery in Innsbrook. Our team took her vision and turned it into brand that she loves. Brand descriptors: welcoming, unexpected, fun, authentic, playful.

  • Innsbrook Owner's Association

    After being known for the Innsbrook After Hours Concert Series for many years, Innsbrook wanted to revitalize their brand. What better place to start than enhancing the brand visuals? Innsbrook wanted a new, versatile, modern look. It was important that their brand could be professional, but also fun.

Getting Started With Bellrae Marketing

Our design process follows a tested approach with planning remaining a key element. We use wireframes and mockups so that you understand and can visualize what we are developing. Quality checks along the way make the process stronger. The end result? A user friendly and attractive website with a powerful content management system.

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    Contact Us

    Our team can't wait to hear about your branding needs. Fill out the form on our 'contact us' page to get started.
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    Discovery Call

    After you fill out the form on our contact page, you'll hear from us within 24 hours to schedule your discovery call.
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    Customized Proposal

    After your discovery call we'll present you with a custom proposal based on the needs you expressed. You can expect your proposal within 5 business days after our discovery call.
  • 04

    Brand Questionnaire

    After we execute the proposal, you'll receive a brand identity questionnaire that will guide us during our 2-hour strategy session.
  • 05

    Receive Your Brand Visuals

    After completing our collaborative strategy session you'll begin receiving your brand visuals starting with a creative direction, followed by color palette options, font options, logo and sub mark options, patterns, and on-brand social media templates.