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Innsbrook is a sought-after destination in West End Richmond. It is a 630-acre mixed use community that hosts events, residences, and office space. We have been proud to work with the Innsbrook Owners’ Association over the past year to help them showcase their transformation as a community. As profiled by NBC news and the Henrico Economic Development Authority, Innsbrook decided to return to its roots as a special place in which to live, work, and play.

Innsbrook Transformation

When you thought of Innsbrook, many in the Richmond metro area immediately thought of its After Hours Concert Series. In 2019, President of the Innsbrook Owners Association, Jane duFrane spearheaded the reinvention of Innsbrook as more than just a concert venue. The development contains Fortune 500 companies, 22,000+ workers, a residential community, three lakes, and five miles of trails. DuFrane wants its reputation to reflect that.

The Innsbrook Owners Association partnered with Bellrae Marketing to reinvigorate Innsbrook’s reputation as a thriving place where people are happy to both work and play. The area now boasts smaller concerts featuring local performers, weekly health and wellness activities like yoga, many dining options, and philanthropy events. After experiencing COVID, the community is now ripe for activities that help individuals connect with each other whether that is in person or through digital means. Bellrae’s focus on helping clients authentically communicate with their audience helps Innsbrook particularly succeed in this arena.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

​​If a picture is worth a thousand words, drone photography is worth at least a thousand and one. The photographs and content you get from Bellrae Marketing’s drone services truly tell a unique story. The quality of the content is not only determined by the quality of the unmanned aerial vehicle, but also by the quality of the pilot. Our skilled drone pilot is also a great storyteller who knows how to get the right shot from the right angles at the right time. 

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Bellrae provides Innsbrook a comprehensive marketing support package. First, we worked with the team to define a new brand logo, updated typography to reflect a more modern aesthetic, and developed an eye catching color palette for a cohesive look for their digital and print collateral. Next, we updated their email marketing strategy with more engaging and targeted content. With the new strategy, their email open rate doubled. Third, we coordinated the redesign of their website to reflect their new vision.


We continue to support Innsbrook with social media marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our regular posting cadence on these social media platforms inspires engagement and shows followers what Innsbrook has to offer both working professionals and the residents who live there. Through authentic content that is true to the Innsbrook brand, the community gains insight into this special space. Bellrae has also developed campaigns such as the successful Taste of Innsbrook Thanksgiving recipe exchange, which was featured on NBC12 local news, and plans to revive the campaign this Fall in 2022.

Our drone photography and videography service helps add to the rich bank of authentic photos Innsbrook uses across the digital platforms. Our drone services are state of the art and give our clients exceptional aerial views of their properties and events. Events like Innsbrook’s 38th Annual Innsbrook Golf Classic and Walk MS are examples of great opportunities for drones to give participants and onlookers a unique view of community events.

In addition to digital marketing support, Bellrae organizes and manages all PR efforts for Innsbrook and assists with special projects and events.

We love partnering with established businesses who understand that a good marketing strategy can enhance their brand, particularly during a transformative time. Learn more about Innsbrook on their brand new website

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