How to Create a Marketing Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan that Works

In 2024, the success of any business hinges on its ability to adapt to an ever-evolving marketing landscape. A dynamic marketing plan is no longer a luxury but a necessity for staying competitive. It demands a deep understanding of your audience, an agile approach to emerging trends, and a commitment to data-driven decision making. 

At Bellrae Marketing, we understand how the ever-changing marketing landscape can result in feeling confused or overwhelmed as you try to determine where to begin when creating your 2024 marketing plan. 

Let’s dive into what a marketing plan is, how to create one, and tips for actually following through with your marketing plan.

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The Benefits of Having a Marketing Plan

A strategic marketing plan has many benefits. It is crucial for aligning marketing efforts with business objectives, ensuring that every action is both purposeful and effective. The benefits of a marketing plan include: 

1. Strategic Direction and Focus: A marketing plan provides a clear roadmap for your business, outlining specific goals and the marketing tactics to achieve them. This ensures that all marketing efforts are aligned with the broader objectives of the company, preventing resources from being wasted on uncoordinated or ineffective tactics.

2. Measurable Goals and Objectives: Setting clear, measurable goals within your marketing plan allows for tracking progress and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This data-driven approach aids in making informed decisions and adjustments to strategies as needed. With your goals clearly defined, you can begin mapping out the marketing initiatives that you want to pursue this year that will support your goals. 

3.  Efficient Resource Allocation: After defining your goals, it’s important to take a look at your resources. You need  to ensure  financial and human resources are allocated efficiently to execute your marketing plan. It helps in prioritizing marketing activities that offer the highest return on investment (ROI).

4. Long-term Vision and Short-term Tactics: A marketing plan balances long-term brand building with short-term sales and marketing tactics. This dual focus ensures immediate business needs are met while building a sustainable brand for the future.

5. Innovation and Creativity: Creating your marketing plan offers up an opportunity to dream big and explore ideas that you’ve been considering for some time. We recommend brainstorming anything and everything and putting it all down on paper. Then review your list and determine if those ideas are feasible for you this year, what resources you’ll need, and determine if they support your goals for the year.  

What Should Every Marketing Plan Include?

At Bellrae Marketing, we have a tried and true formula that we walk all of our marketing strategy clients through to help them develop a marketing plan that is aligned with their goals for the year. 

We recommend that every marketing plan includes the following:

  1. Important Dates For The Year:

Do you already have a few commitments or important dates that need to be captured in your 2024 marketing plan? Perhaps you have a vacation booked, and you know you’ll need the time leading up to it to prepare for being out of office. Add that to your calendar. Are you launching a new product or service this year? Put that date on your calendar. This will help you see important dates at-a-glance and help you begin to plan for each of them. 

  1. Company Goals:

What are you striving to achieve in the new year? Are you looking to boost your revenue by 10%, or perhaps you’re aiming to double it? Maybe your focus is on enhancing gross margins or refining your processes to provide an unparalleled experience to your existing clients and customers, with an emphasis on sustaining your current revenue levels. 

These goals are the driving force behind your marketing plan, shaping its direction and priorities. For ambitious targets, your plan will need to incorporate robust marketing initiatives tailored to support these aspirations. On the other hand, if your aim is to maintain your current trajectory, your marketing plan might not require as many new launches or extensive marketing campaigns. The key is aligning your marketing plan with your business objectives, ensuring that every effort propels you towards your desired outcomes.

  1. Marketing Initiatives:

Now that you have your goals established for the new year, it’s time to start planning your marketing initiatives. All of your initiatives should support the goal you are looking to achieve. Write out all of the marketing initiatives you want to try this year. Once you have them all on paper, it’s time to establish a timeline and due date, determine who is responsible for bringing them to life – are you implementing this effort or are you hiring outside support, and determine the budget for each initiative. 

Your marketing plan might include digital initiatives like search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which are vital for enhancing online visibility and driving targeted traffic to your website. Social media marketing should also play a key role, involving both organic engagement and paid advertising across platforms relevant to your audience. Content marketing, including blog posts, whitepapers, and videos, helps in establishing authority and nurturing customer relationships. Email marketing remains a powerful tool for personalized communication and lead nurturing. 

Don’t forget offline tactics as well, such as networking events, trade shows, and traditional media advertising, which can be highly effective in certain industries. 

Each tactic should be chosen for its ability to contribute to the overarching goals, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or driving sales. The integration of these tactics, tailored to the unique aspects of your business and target audience, forms the backbone of your marketing plan.

  1. Marketing Budget:

A critical component of any effective marketing plan is the marketing budget. It serves as a financial blueprint, outlining how much you can invest in various marketing activities to achieve your goals. Allocating a budget ensures that resources are used efficiently and prevents overspending in one area at the expense of another. It’s not just about setting limits; it’s about making strategic decisions on where to invest for the best return. 

Whether you’re allocating funds for digital advertising, content creation, hiring a marketing expert, or attending industry events, each decision should be guided by the expected impact on your business objectives. 

A well-planned budget also allows for flexibility to capitalize on unforeseen opportunities or to adjust tactics if certain strategies aren’t delivering the desired results. Your marketing budget is the financial embodiment of your strategic plan, ensuring that your marketing efforts are both sustainable and effective.

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Once you’ve established the aforementioned areas of your marketing plan, it’s time to set your key performance indicators (KPIs).  Prior to implementing your marketing plan, you must establish the KPIs that you will track to measure your marketing performance. 

Choosing the right KPIs depends on your specific marketing goals and could range from website traffic and lead generation metrics to customer engagement and conversion rates.

Possible KPIs may include:

  • 1. Website Traffic and Engagement: This includes metrics like the number of visitors, page views, and time spent on your site. Tools like Google Analytics can provide insights into how effectively your SEO and content marketing strategies are drawing potential customers to your website.
  • 2. Lead Generation: Measure the number of new leads generated through various channels. Track the conversion rate of leads to qualified prospects, understanding which channels are most effective in attracting potential customers.
  • 3. Social Media Metrics: For social media campaigns, relevant KPIs might include follower growth, engagement rates (likes, shares, comments), and the virality of your posts. These metrics help gauge brand awareness and audience interaction on social platforms.
  • 4. Email Marketing Performance: Key indicators here include open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates from your email campaigns. These metrics reflect how effectively your emails are engaging subscribers and driving action.
  • 5. Sales Revenue: Ultimately, one of the most important KPIs is the impact of your marketing efforts on sales revenue. Tracking the direct correlation between marketing campaigns and sales performance helps justify marketing spend and shapes future budget allocation.
  • 6. Customer Retention and Loyalty: Metrics like customer retention rates, repeat purchase rates, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are crucial for understanding customer satisfaction and loyalty, which are vital for long-term business success.
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Tips for Following Through with your Marketing Plan

A plan is nothing without action. Taking the time to implement your marketing plan, or hire a marketing team to implement it for you, is the only way you are going to create the momentum your business needs. Having a plan is great, but it all comes down to consistent execution and oftentimes business owners get hung up on the implementation. 

If your business is at a point where you are executing your marketing efforts yourself, we have some tips for you!

  1. Find the time. Consider having a standing meeting each week to only focus on the things you need to take action on to move the needle on your marketing efforts. Having time carved out to focus on this specific aspect of your business is essential. 
  2. Find an accountability buddy. Whether it’s through your YPO group, or a local friend who is also a business owner, having a friend that you can share ideas with and talk through challenges is a great way to grow and create some accountability. 
  3. Leverage the power of automation. Automating some of your miscellaneous tasks will free up time to focus on other top priorities. This is a growth hack!
  4. Educate yourself continuously. Keep up with marketing trends and best practices. Attend webinars, subscribe to marketing blogs, and network with other business owners to gain new insights and ideas.
  5. Celebrate successes! Acknowledge and celebrate when you meet your goals. This boosts morale and keeps you and your team motivated.

Outsource Your Marketing

In the fast-paced business world, outsourcing your marketing can be a strategic move, especially for small businesses or those looking to scale efficiently. You may find that marketing is not something that you are willing to invest your time into. Perhaps it’s not something you are interested in doing because you want to focus on other areas of your business, or maybe it’s one of your favorite parts of business ownership but you just simply don’t have the time to do it. 

You are not alone. We have heard these pain points from many business owners. At Bellrae Marketing, we are a full-service marketing team that acts as a virtual marketing department for service-based businesses who are looking to create long term success. Building an in-house team requires significant investment in salaries, training, and resources. Outsourcing your marketing allows you to access high-level marketing expertise without the overhead costs of full-time employees.

At Bellrae Marketing, we are driven by results. Our success is directly tied to the performance of the marketing strategies we implement for your business. Our dedication to our clients is shown in the numbers. Our client retention rate is double the industry average, many of our clients have been with us for 5+ years. At Bellrae Marketing, we don’t just offer services; we commit to being a dedicated, results-driven ally in your business’s growth story. 

Let’s collaborate to transform your marketing visions into impactful realities, driving your business towards its goals with precision and creativity.

Innsbrook Owner’s Association Partners with Bellrae Marketing

Innsbrook is a sought-after destination in West End Richmond. It is a 630-acre mixed use community that hosts events, residences, and office space. We have been proud to work with the Innsbrook Owners’ Association over the past year to help them showcase their transformation as a community. As profiled by NBC news and the Henrico Economic Development Authority, Innsbrook decided to return to its roots as a special place in which to live, work, and play.

Innsbrook Transformation

When you thought of Innsbrook, many in the Richmond metro area immediately thought of its After Hours Concert Series. In 2019, President of the Innsbrook Owners Association, Jane duFrane spearheaded the reinvention of Innsbrook as more than just a concert venue. The development contains Fortune 500 companies, 22,000+ workers, a residential community, three lakes, and five miles of trails. DuFrane wants its reputation to reflect that.

The Innsbrook Owners Association partnered with Bellrae Marketing to reinvigorate Innsbrook’s reputation as a thriving place where people are happy to both work and play. The area now boasts smaller concerts featuring local performers, weekly health and wellness activities like yoga, many dining options, and philanthropy events. After experiencing COVID, the community is now ripe for activities that help individuals connect with each other whether that is in person or through digital means. Bellrae’s focus on helping clients authentically communicate with their audience helps Innsbrook particularly succeed in this arena.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

​​If a picture is worth a thousand words, drone photography is worth at least a thousand and one. The photographs and content you get from Bellrae Marketing’s drone services truly tell a unique story. The quality of the content is not only determined by the quality of the unmanned aerial vehicle, but also by the quality of the pilot. Our skilled drone pilot is also a great storyteller who knows how to get the right shot from the right angles at the right time. 

Contact us today to find out more about how we can bring your marketing to new heights. 

Bellrae provides Innsbrook a comprehensive marketing support package. First, we worked with the team to define a new brand logo, updated typography to reflect a more modern aesthetic, and developed an eye catching color palette for a cohesive look for their digital and print collateral. Next, we updated their email marketing strategy with more engaging and targeted content. With the new strategy, their email open rate doubled. Third, we coordinated the redesign of their website to reflect their new vision.


We continue to support Innsbrook with social media marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our regular posting cadence on these social media platforms inspires engagement and shows followers what Innsbrook has to offer both working professionals and the residents who live there. Through authentic content that is true to the Innsbrook brand, the community gains insight into this special space. Bellrae has also developed campaigns such as the successful Taste of Innsbrook Thanksgiving recipe exchange, which was featured on NBC12 local news, and plans to revive the campaign this Fall in 2022.

Our drone photography and videography service helps add to the rich bank of authentic photos Innsbrook uses across the digital platforms. Our drone services are state of the art and give our clients exceptional aerial views of their properties and events. Events like Innsbrook’s 38th Annual Innsbrook Golf Classic and Walk MS are examples of great opportunities for drones to give participants and onlookers a unique view of community events.

In addition to digital marketing support, Bellrae organizes and manages all PR efforts for Innsbrook and assists with special projects and events.

We love partnering with established businesses who understand that a good marketing strategy can enhance their brand, particularly during a transformative time. Learn more about Innsbrook on their brand new website www.innsbrook.com.

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